Comic Masyo 2104/09 “I hate this village”

Hiroshi was born in a small village where has only farms and mountains. He hate that rustic place…

This manga will carry on the ‘Comic Masyo’ issue 2014,Sept. available at 24, Jul., 2014.

sample (10/20)

I’m not a professional guro comic artist in japan.

I’ve got a mail from Germany that “I will go to japan, where I can buy your guro comic?”.

Sorry, I haven’t publish any guro comics commercially.

My guro comic  ‘Graduation and Beheading Ceremony’ ( in japanese, ‘卒業斬首式’) and ‘Applicant for Death’  (‘他殺志願’) are published privately and both printed and sold only 300 copies. (We call that kind of private publishing books to ‘Dojinshi’).

These are not my official job, only a hobby because that kind of comics are not welcomed by almost publishing companies.

You can find them at secondhand bookstores like Mandarake or some auction sites like Yahoo! Japan but because of very few copies published, they will expensive.