13 Replies to “I removed gore arts and comics”

  1. Oh no! Why did you do that? It was some of your best work… of course some people don’t like it, but many did! They hoped you did more and sequels. There are always crazy people, and your comics aren’t related at all to that crime.

    Please bring your work back and continue making more. You were one of the few and best!

  2. well i’m not gore fan but i do like your art style so i am sad as well,
    i personally like your straight shotacon works, a specially with muscular (athletic) mature women.
    may be you can try making more of those (if you like it)

  3. Gotoh San, your beheading and gore comics were great. I LOVED your beheading comics. You aren’t responsible if some crazy person does things, it isn’t connected to your work.

    Look at the number of replies here compared to other posts, people LOVE your beheading/gore works! They don’t commit crimes, they simply enjoy the drawings. If a pedophile commits a crime, are you going to be response for that too? Of course not. You don’t create those types of people.

    Please stop this and continue your amazing work. Would love to see Beheading Ceremony 2!!

  4. 後藤さんは関係ないよ!

  5. Why did not you look me the rest of the mangas
    There are scenes of a representative of Russia named is snuff For hanging and strangulation and decapitation in chopping block .

    Have you been accused in a murder case?

    Manga is not real

    Damn them continued
    For fans <3

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