Boys’ Empire Anime(sample)

Just a test.

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  1. これはそごすぎですよ、後藤様!!


    (僕は日本人じゃなくて、僕の下手な日本語を許してください ^^)

  2. Awesome work, as always. Still, prefer your guro, but the colors and everything are clear. A bit stiff though…

  3. これは進行中のプロジェクトですか?




  4. Boy’s Empire anime would be great, but only if the stick with yout desings, if they make it like all those plastic people hentais….

    Oh, and more Oneesan action would be great!

  5. I’m so happy that this is being done! ^-^
    is it going to be completely done? or is this just for fun?

    i hope you make an anime of all the manga! x]


  6. I think you should make more manga like boys empire
    It is very romantic and funny…it also has a great ending

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